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MicroZone comprises of a team of highly qualified individuals with a unique combination of backgrounds in research and practical implementation experience in their relevant fields of expertise. This unique combination enables MicroZone to implement the best available technology in a practical sense, in a fast changing technological environment.

Creative Design

MicroZone focus on the latest design trends and technology. Design trends are influenced by media, technology, fashion industry, and, lately usability. A trend emerges slowly, gradually making its way into all design branches, and then disappears in exactly the same way. Basically, a design trend's life is no longer than one or two years.

Cross-Browser Platform Support

Tablets and smartphones are now the first choice when it comes to browsing websites surpassing desktops, laptops and tablets - and this trend will continue. Any websites not focused on responsive web design need to consider that this is a very important step towards the future for your company.


MicroZone is an integrated group of highly trained IT specialists and project managers providing appropriate and cost effective solutions in specialist areas of service.

Our unique experience in technology, research and development, design, project management, system analysis, implementation and maintenance allows for the development of projects in a holistic way using the latest technology.


Be representative of the demographics of South Africa

Transfer knowledge and skills to empower clients

Develop and maintain an organisational environment that encourages initiative, innovation and productivity

Completion of Internship

Congratulations to our three interns, Mzimasi, Otsile and Thato for successfully completing an 8 month MicroZone Software Developer internship.All three are now permanently employed and part of the MicroZone Group of companies.

Welcome to the team guys !




Screenshots time!

Just a few screenshots of APP'S we developed

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